Pill stuck in throat

If you are like the millions of people who have experienced getting a pill stuck inside their throat, then chances are you know exactly what misery feels like.

Having a pill lodged inside your throat can seem as if it is a life threatening matter while it is occurring. However panicking can only serve to make the situation worse, and it is much better to react in a calm but speedily manner, to assure the pill goes down as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Health experts have stated that, prolonged contact with certain pills and the esophageal lining for long periods of time are not only unadvisable, but can also be deadly and damaging to the throat and surrounding muscles.

Some medicines have been known to irritate as well as cause severe inflammation.

Medications used to treat osteoporosis, anti-inflammatory pills, potassium pills, vitamin C, iron, aspirin, as well as certain antibiotics, have been known to cause serious inflammation in the esophagus.

Prolonged exposure of pills to the esophageal lining can lead to perforation and narrowing of the esophageal tubes, as well as cause ulcers to form inside your throat.

So just what can you do, when a pill is stuck inside your throat?
Saturate and Hydrate- drink lots of fluids, water is best but any fluid will serve to help ease the stuck pill along its course and get it unstuck, warm liquid helps speed this process along even faster.Salivate and Gyrate- Swallow as much saliva as you can to help lubricate your throat, move your neck in a circular or rocking motion, movement along with the saliva will get the pill moving from its lodged position, allowing it to move freely downward and out of your throat.Eat to Defeat- Some foods that will help aide in getting a pill dislodged inside of your throat are, yogurts and thick items like peanut butter and bananas. Rice and bread also work wonders in helping to remove a stuck pill inside of throats.

The above remedies are merely suggestions on how to safely dislodge a pill stuck inside your throat. All results will not be the same and sometimes the pill will remain lodged inside your throat despite doing one or all of the above mentioned solutions. If this becomes the case with you, please seek medical attention immediately!

There are some preventive measures you can take to avoid having a pill stick inside your throat.

Lubricate your throat beforehand by drinking plenty of fluid prior to taking your pill as well as while you are taking it, 250ml is a proper amount to ensure that your pill has plenty of moisture while sliding down.

Sit as straight and remain as calm as possible while taking your pills. If you find that a pill is too large for you to consume, then cut it in half and take the pill one at a time. Also ask your pharmacy or physician if you are allowed to open your pill and mix it in liquid or applesauce provided it is in capsule form. A almost foolproof way to never get a pill stuck in your throat, overall would be to ask your physician if a powder or liquid form of your medicine is available. No matter how you choose to take your pills, do so in a safe and prescribed manner.

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