Itchy inner ear

An itchy inner ear can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. As well as making the sufferer desperate to scratch it to get some relief, an itchy inner ear can be indicative of an underlying problem which can cause irritation and pain if left untreated. There are many causes of itching in the inner ear, certainly not all related to hygiene.

What Causes An Itchy Inner Ear?

One of the most common causes of inner ear itching is the build up of tiny particles of dust inside the ear. Some other likely causes include:

Skin problems – a skin problem can cause the inner ear to itch. These include conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis and eczema, all of which can cause itching.

Dryness – while it’s perfectly normal to clear earwax, which can cause plenty of hearing problems in itself, the process of cleaning it out can cause the ears to become dry. This then leads to itching inside the ear. Dry skin flakes can build up inside the ear and cause a great deal of itching.

Allergies – an allergy to something in or around the ear can cause itching. For example, pollution and dust can both lead to inner ear itching. People who wear hearing aid may find themselves suffering from itchy inner ear, either because of the material the hearing aid is made of, or the polish that the material has.

Other causes – while the above causes are quite common causes of an itchy inner ear, there are several other possible causes. These include infections, water that contains chlorine, or the use of ear drops. An itchy inner ear can also be caused by a psychological problem, exacerbated by someone drifting into their own thoughts or getting nervous and starting to poke or scratch inside their ear without thinking.

How Is An Itchy Inner Ear Treated?

The best treatment for an itching inner ear will be dependent on what is causing it. For example, if dryness from cleaning out earwax is the cause, a few drops of vegetable oil dropped in the ear will help. The buildup of earwax serves a protective function for the ear, but of course it’s normal if you want to clear it out! The best recommendation in this case is to have a doctor recommend a good schedule for cleaning the ears, allowing some buildup of earwax, but not letting it form to excess. If the cause of an itch is a skin problem, the best treatment is usually the administration of a steroid cream which can reduce the allergic reaction and help stop the itching. In cases where a trauma or infection is present, a doctor’s intervention is necessary. Therefore, anyone who has a repeated problem with an itchy inner ear, or who is in a lot of pain, shouldn’t hesitate in seeing an ear specialist.

In most cases, an itch in the inner ear is not a serious condition. All the same, it should be treated as soon as possible, to prevent damage to the muscles of the ear and the delicate tissues inside it. It’s important not to neglect delicate parts of the anatomy such as the eyes and the ears, as any damage to such delicate areas can lead to long-term permanent damage.

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