How to produce more sperm

Physicians suggest that the average male should possess a sperm count of around 20 million sperm within every single millilitre of semen. While men physiologically vary, those with a much lower count than this would be considered as representing an individual having a low sperm count, and in due course possess a lower chance of conceiving a child with their partner. Yet the statistics do not tell the whole story, as countless number of men with a biologically low sperm count have fathered children, giving great hope to others that through appropriate treatment and guidance they may also follow in their footsteps.

Low sperm counts can frequently be treated through patience and diligence of the patient responding to an underlying medical diagnosis which is the cause of the problem. Infections are a common source for low sperm counts, for which a course of antibiotics will usually provide a long term cure. Modern treatments are also in place to deal with patients who are living with one of the many kinds of hormonal imbalance. Yet there remain a number of more natural means whereby a man can help himself to improve his sperm count.

  • If a foodstuff sounds inherently healthy, theres a great chance it will enhance a mans sperm count – especially if it contains a good dose of natural iron and other healthy vitamins. Think along the lines of leafy greens, root vegetables and certain sea foods. Great examples range from green, spinach packed salads with onions and garlic, to walnuts, sunflowers seeds, fruit salad, eggs, clams, oysters and liver.
  • A nutritious diet packed with vitamin C, E and B12 can help prevent oligospermia, a condition when sperm counts decrease through unhealthy eating.
  • Many modern vices do a great deal to reduce a mans sperm count, all of which are straightforward to reduce or remove, benefitting in a far higher chance of achieving conception. Smoking and drinking alcohol are both lethal to attaining a healthy sperm count, while delivering many other serious health risks. Liver disease will eventually lead to impotency, and alcohol is notorious for reducing levels of testosterone, a key influence in producing lots of healthy sperm.
  • Testicles are far healthier, and consequently far more productive when kept cool and away from the body core and sources of external heat. Once more this is attainable by straightforward evaluation and reordering of a daily routine, for example wearing boxers instead of tighter underwear and avoiding hot saunas or steam baths. Exercise is great for getting the testosterone levels up, but stay clear of the exercise bike for the same reasons.
  • Practice will eventually make perfect, by following these rules an otherwise healthy male who engages in frequent sexual intercourse with his partner, at least three or four times a week, will possess a far greater chance of achieving a conception with lots of healthy, strong sperm.

By adhering to these simple, natural tips men will have a great chance of improving a previously low sperm count.

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