Can you get herpes from kissing

The act of kissing can be an intimate gesture one shares with a partner. To kiss someone on the lips usually shows that the relationship with that person is a serious one. It’s not often that a person will kiss everyone they meet in this fashion. Our lips, more specifically the mouth is an area where one can develop some terrible cold sores. These sores are small blisters that are filled with fluid and can be quite painful. They will develop on the facial area around the mouth as well as on the lips. It is the virus known as herpes which is the cause of these blisters. If someone’s partner develops these cold sores it is natural for them to be concerned about getting herpes as well; especially if there has been physical contact. Is it possible to catch herpes merely by kissing? Let’s take a look.

Unfortunately, you can contract herpes through kissing another person on the mouth. Experts believe that the virus which causes AIDS, known as HIV, can also be caught through kissing. The chance of being affected rises considerably when one open-mouth kisses an individual who has a sore or cut in their mouth.
STD’s can be very deceptive because in many cases we cannot see the signs of a person being infected. A person who is infected can pass the infection on whether signs are present or not.

Can You Get Herpes from Kissing Someone

Cold sores can be caused by two types of the herpes virus. The first is herpes simplex 1 (HSV1). The second is herpes simplex 2 (HSV2) and this is the one that is usually linked to genital herpes. Herpes is passed along via skin on skin contact. If a non-infected person has open sores or cracks on their body, they can easily be infected by someone who has herpes through physical contact. The virus gets transferred through open sores, so it is very possible for a person to catch herpes by kissing. It is also extremely possible for a person to contract oral herpes through having oral sex with an infected partner. Both HSV1 and HSV2 can both infect a person causing cold sores and facial outbreaks to occur. The hard part is not knowing whether a person has the HSV1 or HSV2 infection.

There are cases where a person can get herpes from kissing regardless if the infected person has any active or visible cold sores. The reason for this is that herpes will remain actively present in a person’s body without causing an outbreak of blisters. This means that the virus is dormant in the body and waiting for our immune system to become weakened so that it can create a cold sore. As children we have more than likely developed herpes cold sore through the sharing of objects coming from an infected person.

Prevention of Herpes or Cold Sores

By taking some simple precautions we can prevent spreading herpes to our loved ones. One step would be to stop sharing items such as towels, brushes, and utensils if you feel you are developing the symptoms of herpes. Avoid kissing as well. You need to keep in mind that even before the blisters appear, the herpes virus is extremely contagious and can spread quickly. The virus will be contagious for over a week prior to the appearance of cold sores and until the sores have gone away. It is safe to kiss once the cold sores have gone completely. The fact still remains that one can contract herpes from kissing. It is best to be honest and let your partner know if you are developing a herpes infection or cold sores. If your partner develops an infection from kissing afterwards, the responsibility will be on them and will leave you with a clear conscience.

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